Yasmin Tajik


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I've lit the fire, come gather around and let's share stories.

Hi, I'm Yasmin and I have been traveling internationally since I was 5 years old, and have since explored several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, the Middle East, and my list continues to grow. I focus on photographing dynamic people, and how they live in their unique locations, often utilizing my images to educate and bring awareness to issues and diversity found in exotic and ethnic locales.

I strive to not only create impactful images, but to forge one step further and that is to inspire change. Recently taking on the role as a humanitarian photographer, I have partnered with organizations fighting sex-trafficking, girls and women’s rights and education, and animal poaching. Utilizing my blog and social media to share with a global audience, my images document the basic rights we all deserve living on this planet. 

It is my goal to inspire compassion and a connection between the viewer of the image and the subject. By finding our commonalities, played out in different countries, climates and clothes, it brings us closer together, creating an understanding that we all want the same things in life, food on our table, a roof over our heads, good health, to love and be loved.

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